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How much does Exodus Membership cost?
How much does Exodus Membership cost?

And why do I have to pay?

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The first 14 days of Exodus are free. No credit card is required for registration. After your free trial, it’s $10 / month ongoing or $90 annually. Cancel anytime. When you open your app on Day 15, you’ll be asked to join the Exodus Membership in order to continue your Exodus.

Here are the benefits to Exodus Membership:

1. Complete access to year-round spiritual exercises.

2. Our app for habit tracking for seasonal and personal disciplines.

3. Secure, encrypted fraternity communication features.

3. 10% discount on the Freedom Store.

4. Insider info: mailings and e-newsletter updates on the ministry.

5. Join the Exodus Fraternity of over 30,000 men in 65 countries.

Exodus Basic gives you access month by month to the content in the Exodus app. It costs $10 each month.

Exodus+ gives you access for the entire year to everything in the app as well as other ongoing support and materials to help with your ongoing formation. ✨ The formation that comes from the 90 days in Exodus 90 is just the beginning. This is our premium membership, and it includes early and discounted access to conferences and live events and access to exclusive live streams. This is $90 for the whole year, which is also equivalent to getting three months for free!

Both of these are ongoing subscriptions that can be canceled at any time.

Disclaimer: your Exodus membership will be active until you explicitly delete your account.

That's right: just like all recurring memberships, you are going to be charged so long as you keep your account active. Just deleting the app from your phone does not cancel your subscription.

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