The first week of Exodus 90 is free. No credit card required for registration. After your free trial, it’s $10 / month ongoing or $90 annually. Cancel anytime. When you open your app on Day 8, you’ll be asked to join the Exodus Membership in order to continue your Exodus.

Here are the benefits to Exodus Membership:

1. Complete Exodus 90 and access year-round spiritual exercises

2. Our app for habit tracking and fraternity communication

3. NEW in 2021: Advent & Lent Spiritual Exercises

4. 10% discount to the Exodus Merch Store

5. Insider info: mailings and e-newsletter updates on the ministry

6. Join the Exodus Fraternity of over 30,000 men in 65 countries

Because Exodus is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) ministry, your support makes you a partner in our mission to bring the freedom of Jesus Christ to men around the world. Thank you!

Why does Exodus 90 cost money?

Exodus 90 is a ministry and non-profit 501(c)(3). All revenue is re-invested into Exodus 90’s development to reach hundreds of thousands of men into the future. We believe that Exodus 90 is a spiritual exercise to bring about a renewal in the Church today. When you join, you are more than a customer. You join our mission to free men.

Payments after you finish Exodus 90

Once you complete your ninety day spiritual exercise, you are invited to embark on our Biblical Series exercises dedicated to spiritual formation.

In response to the cry for a clear way forward from years of Exodus Men before you, we created the Biblical Series: a clear, unifying, way for you and your fraternity to celebrate your accomplishment, learn how to defend your newfound freedom, and in fraternity with men around the world, keep following Christ forward.

Please know that your monthly subscription to Exodus 90 continues after you finish your ninety days. Deleting the app will not delete your subscription.

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