What to Do Before Day 1

Imagine beginning a three-month expedition along the Great Himalaya Trail without any preparation. Sounds foolish. You are about to embark on a spiritual expedition—a journey with the Israelites—from Egypt, through the wilderness, to the edge of the promised land. It’s time to prepare.

The following is a checklist to prepare you for your journey into the wilderness. Complete each of these items prior to Day 1 and check in with your brothers to see that they are doing the same. The ideal time to start preparation is about three weeks before your start date. But if the fraternity communicates effectively and prepares efficiently, much less time is needed.

Preparation Checklist

What to Do Before Day 1

  1. (For Fraternity Leader) Download the mobile app and set up your fraternity 

A. Create a log-in.
B. Using their email addresses, invite your brothers to join your fraternity in the app.
C. Have your brothers join you in the fraternity by creating their own account from the link in your invitation.

   2. Hold your first preparatory fraternity meeting.
A. Set your start date.
B. Choose a weekly meeting time that works for the entire fraternity.

   3. Consider your “Why”
A. Read “What’s Your Why” in the Exodus 90 Field Guide.
B. Follow the instructions to write your “Why.”

   4. Read the following sections of the Exodus 90 Field Guide.
A. “Fidelity to Prayer”
B. “The Gift of Asceticism”
C. “Made for Fraternity”
D. “The Exodus Man & His Bride” (For married men)

   5. Have a conversation with your spouse. (For married men)

   6. Write down your plan for regular intense exercise.

   7. Hold your second preparatory fraternity meeting.
A. Choose your anchor (For more on choosing an Anchor, read “Be a Well Set Anchor” sub-section of the “Made for Fraternity” section of the Exodus 90 Field Guide.
B. Discuss the responses of your spouses. (For married men)
C. Choose a fraternity spiritual director. (Optional)
D. Choose a day and time for an additional weekly fraternity Mass. (Optional)
E. Choose a day and time for weekly fraternity holy hour. (Optional)

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