Here are a few easy steps to getting started on your Exodus: 

The easiest way to get started is to download the Exodus 90 app on the Apple App Store, or in the Google Play Store. Then follow the prompts on the app to:

  1. Set up a fraternity

  2. Invite your brothers to join you

  3. Set a start date

  4. Review the Exodus 90 Field Guide before Day 1

Don't have a smart phone?


Want to read more about Exodus 90 before you begin?

Follow these steps bellow: 

  1. Check out the following pages on our website: Home & Getting Started

  2. Invite 5-7 other men to embark on this journey with you; these men form your fraternity for the next 90 days

  3. The man who is the fraternity leader should create an account in the app and send invitations to the other fraternity members via email (this links them all together) don't forget to read through the Field Guide (found on the home screen in the app)

  4. Meet at least once with your fraternity brothers before starting the spiritual exercise; this allows you to cover questions, pick anchors, and more. See the "What to Do Before Day 1" Section of the Field Guide of the app on your phone or online at for more on this topic. 

    Ready to start?

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