Even good things can be a distraction from God. During these ninety days you will take a break from even some of the best catholic content. Allow the Lord more windows of silence to speak to you throughout the day. Allow yourself more opportunities to engage your family, your work, and your surroundings in a fuller way. 

Though podcasts, faith formation movies, recorded preaching, audio books and other good mobile apps are not specifically listed in the set of disciplines, the following two ascetic disciplines make non-essential media nearly inaccessible. 

  • Only use the computer for work, school, or essential tasks (e.g., paying bills).
  • Only use mobile devices for essential communications; cut out non-essential texting, app, and internet use.

What if you are in a bible study that meets weekly and is video based? Yes, you may participate in this communal activity if you are doing it with proper intention. Going just to watch a video, would not be proper intention. Going because a cute girl is there (possibly future wife) is a better intention, but maybe or maybe not proper. Going because a cute girl is there, and that cute girl is your wife and she wants you to go, quickly makes for a great reason and purifies one's intention.

The Lord has many hidden blessings to give you through your adherence to these disciplines. Open yourself to receiving them in these coming days. 

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