If you are the fraternity leader, you can't select 01/13 due to an overlap (or so the message keeps telling you). Why? Because you already selected a day (such as 01/13) as your start date for the exercise when you set up the fraternity or possibly at a later point. The app doesn't allow you to select an exercise when you've already started one and are still in it (meaning you could try to select a date between now and, say, April 10th, but it still wouldn't let you). This means that you are already in the exercise and so is the rest of your fraternity! 

You can confirm this by checking to see if a number shows up above your "Home" tab. Does it say something like "1"? If so, you are on day 1 of the spiritual exercise. Simply click on your "Home" tab, select "Read," and then you'll have access to the reading and reflection for that day. The number (along with the readings and reflections) will change each day as you progress through the exercise. Please note that only the fraternity leader is able to select the start date of a spiritual exercise for the entire fraternity.

Here's how to remove an exercise if you need to:

  1. Go to settings, by clicking the gear icon in the top right hand corner of your home screen

  2. Select Manage [name of your fraternity] under the fraternity section

  3. From there you'll see "Fraternity Exercises". 

  4. Click on the one you want to remove and select "remove" in the lower right hand corner.

  5. Navigate back to "Fraternity Exercises" and then make sure that the other program has your desired start date.

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