Each fraternity should have 5-7 men. This is based on studies of how the number of men in a small group impacts the effectiveness of the group. Yes, you can have less than 5, but 4 is about as small as a group should be. Yes, you can have more than 7 but more than 8 men starts to get too large. At that size a group should consider splitting into two smaller, tighter knit, fraternities. 

It continues to surprise me how connected Exodus Men feel to each other even when they are not in the same fraternity. There is something significant, something unitive, about making this 90 day journey that unites men. Suffering together simply has that effect, especially when it is for as good of a reason as salvation. 

How can I find men to do Exodus with men?

Where will you find men to make this journey with you? You are the protagonist. You will ask God where to find your brothers, and then you will go and intentionally ask them. In your church, your workplace, your club, your family, or your favorite bar, wherever the Lord is calling you to find your brothers, go there and make the invitation. 

Fraternity is one of the most obvious and yet overlooked, aspects of the Christian life today. When we challenge each other to do what is good and hold each other accountable to doing it, great fruits consistently come about. Great fruits, not just for us, but for our entire community. On the other hand, when we isolate ourselves and are held accountable to no one, our lives become a self-serving mess and our community suffers. 

Remember, if the Lord is calling you to do something, he will provide the grace to bring it to completion. Is he calling you to take up Exodus 90? If so, he will provide brothers to do it with. This may mean he is offering you the grace of courage to make personal and intentional invitations to men in your life. Some men that you know well, and some you might not know as well. If so, respond to his grace, trust the Lord, and follow him to greater freedom. 

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