Every man comes to Exodus for a different reason. But the common thread is a desire for greater freedom. Most men are deeply motivated to become better husbands for their wives and fathers for their children or priests for the Church, so desperately in need of renewal. 

When we look to the Book of Exodus, we see in the Israelites a powerful image for men today. The Israelites are enslaved not because they are weak, but because they are strong and growing. As a result, the Pharaoh fears them and their taskmasters oppress them further. This is so similar to men today, who are so full of potential and power, that the Devil enslaves them to sin and worldly distractions out of fear for what they might do if they responded to God’s high calling.

To answer the question more directly, a man should sign up to embrace his calling to become the spiritual leader in his home that God has called him to be, and that his spouse and children desire in their heart of hearts.

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