In 2019 we launched an Exodus 90 mobile app. This new, easy to use, more conducive mode of bringing the Exodus 90 spiritual exercise to you and your brothers marked a major turning point in the history of Exodus 90. At this same time we completely re-wrote Exodus 90 front to back. Polishing it's best parts and reworking its blemishes, we are proud to provide you a version of the Exodus 90 Spiritual Exercise that is clean, sound, and, we pray, here to last. This new version of the Exodus 90 Spiritual Exercise was even given an imprimatur by the Most Reverend Bishop Kevin C. Rhoades of the Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend. 

Due to this new platform we are no longer sending out the older version of Exodus 90. We hope you enjoy both the new version and the additional features, such as connectivity to your fraternity, that the app provides you both throughout your Exodus and into the new Day 91 exercises. 

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