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How Do I See Past Readings Or Edit Yesterday's Disciplines?
How Do I See Past Readings Or Edit Yesterday's Disciplines?

Time flies and yesterday is gone!

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Life happens. We get it. You're human!

Sometimes you get so caught up in your morning levitation that you never come down to finish your Exodus reading.

Or perhaps yesterday's reflection had some nuggets you want to revisit or share with your wife.

Allow us to help.

View Past Readings

In order to view past readings, you can simply use the date selector at the top of the home page to return to the day you'd like to view.

Nota bene: The numbers refer to the exercise day number, not the calendar date.

Alternatively, if you want to view several reflections or to go back quite a ways, it is most easily accomplished by going to the Exercises tab, finding the desired exercise, and hitting "days".

Past disciplines

Have you ever fallen asleep during your nightly examination of conscience? How about neglected to check off that you didn't snack yesterday?

In order to edit the disciplines list for a past day, use the same method above where you navigate back using the date selector on the home screen. Once on yesterday, you can go to the "disciplines" tab and mark (or unmark) anything you weren't able to before.

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