I like to eat just as much as the next guy. Though I do sometimes forget to ... But that's besides the point. Here are some of the most common food related questions we get here at Exodus Inc.

How many meals are allowed per day? Men are right, we don't state the answer to this in the Field Guide. But, three meals is assumed. Based on how often we get this question it must be a poor assumption. 

What counts as a snack? A snack is any food eaten between meals. Potato chips are a common American snack food. When eaten between meals they are indeed a snack. Though, when eaten at a picnic alongside a juicy Johnsonville brat, it is not considered a snack, rather a side to one of the finest uses of meat there is. I can smell the charcoal burning now. 

Does organic fruit juice count as a sweet drink? The organic sticker might tell us something about the juice, but it doesn't tell us whether or not it is sweet. I presume God smiled when he made oranges, apples, grapes, mangoes, and even bigger when he made pineapples. I think the Father likely said to the Son, "man, these are some of the sweetest things ever made." Even if the juice doesn't have added sweeteners, if it is naturally sweet, it is a sweet drink. Thanks be to God for that. Let's offer them up in these 90 days. 

Can I have protein shakes? Protein shakes can be drank with your meal without problem. Athletes are permitted to drink protein shakes after a work out or at the time they normally would for performance purposes, but not solely as a snack. The rest of us athletic observers and recreational golfers shall abstain from protein shakes outside of meals. 

Does non-alcoholic (NA) beer count as an alcoholic beverage? Many non-alcoholic beers still have alcohol in it. If they do, they count as an alcoholic beverage. If you are going out of your way to find one that has no alcohol in it, maybe consider abstaining from it anyway. 

Can I add milk to my tea?
You can have milk, and you can have black tea. Though independently of each other, each of these are acceptable, when you add milk to your tea, your tea is no longer black. Thus, in these 90 days you have the opportunity to abstain from milk in your tea. If you are an ambitious Englishmen you could take a sip of tea and then quickly take a sip of milk. But if the milk is in a common serving dish at the table for all to use, that might be culturally frowned upon. And if you consider the spirit of the discipline in accord with the letter of the discipline, it would be better to avoid this two sip drinking strategy. 

I have health concerns, do I have to follow all the food related disciplines completely to do Exodus 90? Each man should be prudent when abstaining from foods and fasting. Don't make excuses for yourself or take it easy on yourself for no legitamate reason. If you have a legitimate health concern, refrain from the disciplines that pose a unique threat to your health. If you are refraining from any disciplines, share this with your fraternity as you are able, especially with your Anchor. Allow your brothers to pray for you as well as to know just how they need to hold you accountable. No need to add any extra disciplines if you have to remove one. Your added health concern already has taken its place. Simply embrace the rest of the disciplines with greater love and zeal. 

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