The Exodus 90 Spiritual Exercise is ninety days long. For these ninety days abstinence from televised sports, movies, and television programs is a practice. Why did the Lord call you to take up this practice? Was it to alienate you from your friends? It's something real to consider. What is God's intention here? What does he have in store for you that is better than watching a television with friends? Is it time in the chapel? Is it time with other friends who don't like watching sports games or movies and feel alienated when everyone else is watching them? Is it time with your family? Is it time in nature to practice good holy leisure like never before? 

I can't answer this question for you. But I can attest to the truth that, if God is calling you to abstain from television in these ninety days, he has something better for you that he really wants you to be willing and open to receiving. Be willing. Be open. Receive the gift our Father has for you.

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