Sports Drinks

Most sports drinks, such as Gatorade or Body Armor are sweet. If they are sweet, they are most of the time to be abstained from. Most of us will have a sufficient intake of sugars, salts, electrolytes, and water in our diet to not "need" a sports drink during our intense exercise. In this case, you are called to abstain from sports drinks that are sweet. 

For those of us who are athletes in season with an athletic trainer who is prescribing good and healthy things during your workout, something like gatorade or body armor, could be permissible. Consider your athletic regimen and your diet. If your diet is not getting you sufficient nutrients and thus such drinks are necessary, you may have them. That is, so long as the intention is right. See the section on intention below. 

What's your intention

Consider why you are deeming yourself an exception to the discipline here. Is it because you desire something sweet to drink? Is it because you are so used to drinking things other than water that you are finding a loop hole to drink something sweet more regularly? Or is it because your body absolutely needs it? Your intention is important here. I don't know you personally. I don't know your health situation, nor your athletic situation. The Lord does. If you are considering whether or not it is permissible for you to have a sports drink during Exodus 90, bring the question before the Lord. Assess your situation with him, and allow him to speak truth into you. Allow him to guide you to the right answer. Then communicate that to your fraternity so they can hold you accountable. (If you are struggling to hear what God is sayin on the topic, bring it up to your fraternity. Explain your situation to them and ask your brothers for honest guidance.)

Protein shakes

Protein shakes can be drank with your meal without problem. Athletes are permitted to drink protein shakes after a work out or at the time they normally would for performance purposes, but not solely as a snack. The rest of us athletic observers and recreational golfers shall abstain from protein shakes outside of meals.

Energy drinks / caffeinated beverages

Good trainers don't suggest energy drinks (caffeinated beverages or supplements) as a healthy option for working out. Most athletic trainers and physicians alike, strongly discourage such thinks prior to work outs. Such products manipulate your body in a way that is harmful in high doses long term and dangerous for your heart short term, especially when committing to intense exercise. For this reason, and because they are a sweet drink, energy drinks are to be abstained from during Exodus 90. 

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