Having accomplished something like Exodus 90 and seeing the benefits in your life, it is natural to want to share it with others in your life. Do that! If there are other men that may be interested in joining your fraternity for the Biblical Series, ask them! If you see that your friends John and Paul would benefit by being a part of your fraternity, reach out to each with a personal invitation!

But there are some important things to know in order to best lead these men:

Freedom vs. Formation

Freedom is a huge part of formation and, in fact, one of the best starting blocks to impactful formation. If we are not free from the things that have formed us in the past, then we are not able to be formed by Christ alone!

Exodus 90 is all about freedom; the Biblical Series is all about formation.


There's also a whole separate aspect of fraternity that ought to be respected. Fraternities of men who have gone through something hard together, like Exodus 90, have a unique bond. A fraternity of men such as this has likely been more vulnerable with each other than they would normally be with other friends or acquaintances. This unique bond and level of fraternal vulnerability is not something that should be entered into or slipped out of lightly. Real trust can be shaken or withheld when a new man joins a fraternity, possibly stunting the growth of that fraternity, even if just for a period of time. 

This doesn't mean fraternities can't add a new member. Though, it does mean that any addition or subtraction should be patiently considered and discussed well amongst the fraternity. As much as it could be taken as such, a well-discerned decision to not add a new man to an existing fraternity is neither an insult nor is it rude. It can simply be a healthy decision for the good of the ongoing growth of each member of the fraternity and the fraternity as a whole. Especially in places where there are more men who could start a new fraternity. 

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