We get this question a lot in the face of COVID-19. Some men have heard that taking hot showers will help in the fight against this disease. Given that cold showers are one of the most talked about elements of Exodus 90, we did some research to ensure that men were not ignoring their health in keeping the disciplines.

Will hot showers prevent the spread of COVID-19?

The World Health Organization, among others, has said that the temperature of the water you bathe in does not prevent the spread of COVID-19. Indeed, before any harm would be done to the virus by the heat of the water, you would be injuring your own body.

But I heard that hot showers help fight COVID-19. Why is that?

The CDC does recommend a hot shower to help fight the symptoms of COVID-19. As with most respiratory illnesses you can contract, it would seem that a hot, steamy shower can help open up your airways. 

Isn't it easier to get clean in a hot shower?

Proper hygiene is one of the primary ways we are fighting COVID-19. For this reason it is important to still be cleaning yourself well. To be clear, we never intended that the men doing Exodus should not be cleaning themselves well, but it is certainly good to be extra intentional about this now.

If the cold of the water is what is preventing you from cleaning, you may need to turn it up a bit (How cold do my showers have to be?). As long as you are able to properly bathe yourself with soap, the temperature of the water won't make a difference. It is important to note with the CDC that the soap is just as effective in cold water

So I have to take cold showers?

Based on the information presented above, there doesn't seem to be sufficient reason to turn that shower-head to warm. So we would encourage you to continue to seek our Lord and fight for your freedom and your Why by taking cold showers. 

Here is the thing about Exodus 90: we do not give medical advice. If you think that it is most prudent for your health to take warmer showers based on the information available to you, that is a call you will have to make. But as with anytime that you choose to relax one of the disciplines, please examine your intention.

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