Brothers, the challenges that the Coronavirus is posing to our families, friends, communities, and Church are unlike anything we have witnessed before. 

Here's the truth: we don’t have a calculated response plan for a pandemic during Exodus 90. But here’s what we know: Exodus is a fraternity of men that are confident that God our Father will prevail, just as he did in the Book of Exodus. Let’s call upon the Lord with the trust of sons during these difficult and uncertain times.

We have a responsibility as men to work to protect our homes and communities. While we trust you to make your own decisions on how the Coronavirus affects your Exodus, here are a few of our suggestions:

  • Continue meeting weekly with your fraternity, and please consider doing this remotely over a video call or conference line.
  • It is completely reasonable to check on important updates on the virus, travel and event cancellations, etc. Do try and avoid the rabbit hole of information that can often lead to distraction and despair.
  • As parishes are closing and Masses are being canceled, remember that you are the priest of your domestic church, your home. Bookend your day with prayer as a family. If you do not have one already, add a family morning and evening prayer routine into your new schedule. Strongly consider a family rosary each day.
  • Reach out to your brothers and make sure they have what they need. If you are suddenly in a place of need, please reach out to your brothers. 
  • Checking in with your anchor is more important than ever. Do it daily. Isolation is surely to be one of the greatest threats of the outbreak as social distancing efforts are applied.
  • Lastly, and most importantly, offer up your prayer and sacrifice for those most affected right now, especially the souls of the dead, those sick and suffering, and also those who are affected by difficult economic realities.

As you well know, Exodus 90 and Day 91 spiritual exercises return you to the essential, to what really matters in life. Your experience of prayer, asceticism, and fraternity has prepared you for these challenging times. Now is the time for us to be the spiritual leaders of our homes and communities that the Lord is calling us to be.

Peace of Jesus Christ,

James Baxter

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