Every year more and more men go back for another round of Exodus 90. Some men see it as an annual renewal of their freedom. Others as a yearly reset for their life. But does that mean that an annual approach is the best approach, or even the recommended approach? 

Let's start by saying this:

The Exodus 90 Spiritual Exercise is made to be a time of purification.

The Day 91 Exercises are made to be a time of formation.

That is to say, these offer different things based on a man's given spiritual needs. The question then is to the men of the fraternity. What are your current spiritual needs?

For the fraternity who feels like the Lord is asking them to receive greater freedom, or freedom from something different than the last time they did Exodus 90, respond to God's promptings and take up Exodus 90 again. 

For the fraternity that is pacing well through the Day 91 exercises, taking the ascetic practices very intentionally, and isn't feeling the Lord prompting them to go back to Exodus 90, don't go back to Exodus 90. Listen to God's promptings and keep following him forward. 

At least once a year ask the question.

At any time, between any exercise, or at least once a year it would be good to bring the question up to the fraternity. Should we pause the Day 91 exercises and jump into another Exodus 90? Stopping and asking this question at least annually helps the fraternity stay attentive to God's will. Bringing the question to prayer prevents the fraternity from just floating along. The Day 91 exercises are not just something to float through. They are a way to follow Christ forward. If he's not leading you through them, stop doing them. If he is calling you and your fraternity forward through them, then follow intently. Whatever you do, avoid acting out of pride. You may end up doing a fourth Exodus 90. But don't do a second Exodus 90, just to work your way to your fourth. That will not free you from pride. Stay attentive. Follow God. 

What if we want to start new fraternities but keep up our current one?

The same above applies. What is the Lord asking you to do. For some fraternities they will do Exodus 90, then Day 91 the rest of the year. The next year they will separate for 90 days to start new fraternities for another Exodus 90. After this they will rejoin their original fraternity and continue on with Day 91 where they left off. This is a good option. At the same time, helping groups start, but not joining their groups but sticking with your own through a second Exodus 90 is a fair move as well. 

All in all, be attentive to God. Go to prayer. Listen for his promptings. Then respond with joy and action. 

Blessings Brothers. 

-Nathaniel Binversie 

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“Relying on God has to begin all over again every day as if nothing had yet been done.”

-C.S. Lewis

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