At the beginning of November, we released the first major update to our app since its release two years ago. For the first time, the app itself will help you to stay accountable to the daily disciplines of spiritual exercises.

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Core Four

Daily Progress Graph

Inviting Brothers to Your Fraternity

Home Screen

The function of the new home screen is to assist you in faithfully practicing the disciplines of Exodus 90.

Image of the home screen

Core Four

At the heart of the redesign of the home screen is the new "Core Four" of Reading, Check your Anchor, Prayer, and Nightly Examen. Surfacing these four disciplines on the home screen helps keep first things first by prioritizing the most fundamental disciplines each day.

Each of these sections can be completed for the day by clicking into it and selecting "complete." Once you have completed an activity, the text of the card will turn orange and show when it was completed (as seen above).

Daily Progress Graph

Throughout the day, you will be completing different disciplines in order to stay faithful to the exercise you are in (e.g. Exodus 90). As you check these off in the app, your progress will be reflected front and center on the home screen.

Use this graph for motivation to contact your anchor during breakfast, to refrain from wine at dinner, and to remember to pray your Examen before retiring for the night!

Daily Disciplines

By selecting Disciplines at the top of your screen, you will be toggled over to the list of disciplines associated with your current exercise:

You are able to check off each item by selecting it. Or, if you are at the end of the day and were able to keep all of the disciplines, you are able to select the toggle at the top right to check them all off.

Checking off these disciplines (and the Core Four) is what moves the graph on the home screen.

Inviting Brothers to Your Fraternity

The fraternity Leader can invite new men with the following steps:

  1. From the app home screen, go to settings (the camera icon/profile picture in the top right corner)

  2. Select, "Manage my fraternity"

  3. In the middle of the page you will see the heading "Join Codes." Press "Add a new join code"

  4. This will generate a code specific to your fraternity. After generating this code you may click "Text," "Email," or "QR Code" to invite your brothers to join your fraternity.

  5. Clicking these options will take you to your own personal texting or email account to invite your brothers.

You can invite new men at any time, even after Day 1 of the exercise has begun.

Questions? Comments?

If you are experiencing any issues, or you have questions or suggestions for our team, please reach out to us by emailing [email protected] or chatting with us (bottom right of your screen). We hope you find that the new app helps you seek Christ!

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