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Accidentally deleted accounts

Expired invitation links

Where's my confirmation code?

I accidentally deleted my account! Can I recover it?

No problem! Simply follow these steps:

  • Go through the Forgot Password protocol on the Sign In page

  • Click Forgot Password

  • Enter the email address associated with your account

  • You'll receive an email. Simply click the "Reset your password" button within it

  • You will be taken to the website where you will enter a new password, and you will enter it two times to confirm that the new password is correct

  • Lastly, you will regain access to your account

Did you receive an email invitation to a fraternity? You normally click "Get Started" in the email and then create your account by providing an email and password.

If you waited more than 24 hours, then your email invitation likely expired. The leader of the fraternity needs to invite you again, and then you will walk through the same steps above.

Where's my confirmation code?

After you enter an email address and password, you will receive a confirmation code via email. Depending on the filters you have set for your email account, we recommend checking your spam/junk folders to see if the confirmation code was sent to one of those places. Simply copy and paste the code to gain access to your account.

NOTE: We have experienced difficulty with accounts. Please use an email address from another provider for your Exodus account.

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