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Am I able to do two exercises at once?

How to pause an exercise and resume later

Am I able to do two exercises at once?

Kudos to you for trying to do it all! However, we do recommend picking one exercise and committing to doing that one well. The app does not allow you to do two exercises at once.

At the start of Advent and Lent, if you are in the middle of an exercise, you will need to pause your exercise to the seasonal option, or simply continue in the Exodus. Both of these are good and this merits a fraternity discussion.

It is a praiseworthy practice to live the liturgical life of the Church to such a degree that you pause your normal life and enter into the season. This is why we created the seasonal exercise, they are based on the selected reading of the Church so that you can easily live the devotional life that the liturgy encourages.

At the same time, Exodus 90 and the Biblical series are excellent practices at any time of the year. Although they do not follow the liturgical calendar, they are still drawn from the Bible and structure your life around prayer, asceticism, and fraternity - which is always a praiseworthy order of life.

How to pause an exercise and resume later?

Practically speaking, if you want to pause your exercise, you will need to delete it before the seasonal exercise and when you restart it afterward, you can backdate the start date so that you can pick up where you left off.

NB: Before you delete the exercise, take note of what day you are on so that you know how far to backdate the start date when you resume after Advent/Lent.

Here are the steps to canceling your exercise

  • Select settings (the camera icon/profile picture) in the upper right-hand corner.

  • Under Exercises, click "Manage my Exercises."

  • Click the pencil icon beside the exercise you wish to edit.

  • Once you have selected that exercise, a trash bin will appear where the pencil was, use this to delete the exercise.

  • Be sure to save your changes!

Here is how to resume after the seasonal exercise is finished:

  • Go back to the "manage my exercises tab"

  • Select the plus sign in the top right corner and find the exercises that you wish to resume.

  • When you are setting the start date, you will need to set it back in time by the number of days that you completed before Advent/Lent started

  • Save your changes and then you should be good to go!

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