Exodus 90: Round 2 is the same Exodus 90, with a whole new set of daily reflections, written for men just like you — men who have already experienced freedom from Exodus 90. It doesn’t matter if you’ve done Exodus 90 one time, or even five times.

Round 1 was all about finding freedom from the things of the world that have been holding you back. The new reflections in Round 2 lead you deeper into the spiritual life: the surrendering of our freedom back to God. Because Christian freedom is not merely the freedom to do what you please, but the freedom to love as God is calling you to love.

If you are ready to set your start date, click here.

Please note: Setting your start date for Exodus 90 (as the app prompts) will not get you the new readings. You only get them by setting your start date for Exodus 90: Round 2.

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