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Formation Packs

Do you want to live out your full potential? Would you appreciate a fulfilling and meaningful life?

Formation - the process of growing into the best version of yourself, the man you were made to be - requires both learning and practice.

Formation Packs are short tracks of reading and reflection on specific topics to help you better live your life to the fullest. The readings are similar in length to what you experienced already.

These packs can be used in the middle of Exodus 90 or any of our exercises, in between exercises, or completely on their own. The goal is to delve into topics that aid us in living out the fullness of the Gospel in practical ways.

Our first wave covered:

We plan to release more throughout the year, so be sure to stay tuned! Let us know if there is a topic or series you would like to see!

Daily Gospel Reflections

The Catholic Church assigns readings to each day of the year to be read at Mass. The Daily Gospel Reflections from Exodus are a great way to encounter God's word along with the rest of the Church.

Whether you hear the readings at Mass or are looking for something to enrich your daily routines, these reflections offer great depth and insight to men as we follow Christ.

We invite you to make these reflections a regular part of your day!

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