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How Do I Prepare for Saint Michael’s Lent?
How Do I Prepare for Saint Michael’s Lent?

Prepare to be immersed in the deepest realities of heaven and earth—witnessing angelic wars and learning how to take up arms alongside them.

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Imagine setting out for battle without any preparation. Sounds foolish. You are about to embark on a journey in spiritual combat. You are joining a battle as old as the cosmos and time itself. It’s time to prepare.

The following is a checklist to prepare you for your journey through the Book of Revelation. Complete each of these items prior to Day 1 and check in with your brothers to see that they are doing the same. The ideal time to start preparation is about three weeks before your start date. But if the fraternity communicates effectively and prepares efficiently, much less time is needed.

Preparation Checklist

1. Get the App

Be prepared for the full Exodus experience with the Exodus mobile app. Head over to to create your account and learn more.

2. Start or join a fraternity

We have found that local fraternities tend to last longer and have more of an impact, so we recommend you start there. If you cannot join or start a local fraternity, use the Fraternity Finder in our app. For further reading: “Can You Connect Me to Other Men”?

3. Read these articles

4. Consider your “Why.”

Follow the instructions to craft your why from “What’s Your Why” in the Saint Michael’s Lent Field Guide. Then enter your why into the app for future reference in the exercise. See “What’s Your Why” for more guidance.

5. Make your plan to observe Wednesday and Friday as days of penance.

There are many ways you could choose to observe these two days through penance and sacrifice. Consider taking cold showers, fasting until 4 PM, or abstaining from alcohol. When you are discerning how to practice this discipline during Saint Michael's Lent, you should do two things:

  1. Ask God to help you hear and understand how he wants you to use these days as days of penance.

  2. Talk to your fraternity and your family about how you will live this discipline out.

  3. Talk to your wife about how you will implement this at home.

6. Have a conversation with your spouse (for married men only).

Read “The Exodus Man & His Bride” to help you prepare for this conversation! As you'll read in the Field Guide or article, be sure to share your why with your spouse and discuss with her the commitments of Exodus.

7. Attend a Preparatory Meeting.

Use the Weekly Meeting Guide and discuss the "Welcome to St. Michael's Lent" reading in the Field Guide. This will help prepare you and your fraternity for a fruitful experience together!

If you have any questions or encounter any issues as you prepare for your next Exodus exercise, please reach out to our Support Team, who are always happy to help!

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