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🗓️ What are the Seasonal Exercises?
🗓️ What are the Seasonal Exercises?

We are called to live lives of prayer, asceticism, and fraternity every day!

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As Christian men, we’re called to live lives of prayer, asceticism, and fraternity year-round. For Exodus men, we have intentionally designed spiritual exercises that coincide with the Liturgical calendar and allow for men to gain uncommon freedom throughout the year.

🟡 Easter 50

Date: March 31-May 31

Scripture: The Letters of Peter through Pentecost & key Marian Scriptures from Feast of Our Lady Mother of the Church to the end of May.

Spiritual Guide: Jake Khym

Following the rigorous fasting of Exodus 90, we move into a season of rigorous feasting. During this season of 50 days, we will celebrate the Lord's Resurrection. We will not fall back into the overconsumption and binge-ing lifestyle we had before. Instead, we will focus on true Christian feasting and how to do it well. To aid us in this, Jake Khym will be our spiritual guide, helping us to adjust to life after Exodus 90.

We will be continuing the story of Fr. Benedict, Rob, and his fraternity from Teach Me to Pray as we help men discern and build their plans of life for the Easter Season and beyond. Learn how to prayerfully discern what personal disciplines you should take up in the Easter season to help you keep making forward progress.

We will be hosting Dr. Jason Baxter, a professor from Wyoming Catholic College, for a 4-part series of lectures on Dante's Divine Comedy, followed by another 4-part series of lectures given by Marty O'Donnell—composer of the music from the Halo video game franchise and recent convert—about his conversation and sacred music. During this celebratory season, we will also be sharing our own stories of freedom, continuing to provide weekly meeting guides, preparing for a Marian consecration (starting April 28), and providing reflections on Festivity to help you enter into the joy of the Resurrection.

🟢 Summer

Date: May 20-August 14

Scripture: Announcement coming soon!

Spiritual Guide: Announcement coming soon!

During the busy summer, we will take the opportunity to break free from our monotonous and indifferent approach to spirituality. This season will help us overcome the sloth of the summer as we build and strengthen our Plan of Life, and stand strong in our prayer, asceticism, and fraternity. We will not allow changing plans or vacations to weaken our resolve to be who we are—uncommonly free.

⚔️ Saint Michael's Lent

Date: August 15-Sept 28

Scripture: Announcement coming soon!

Spiritual Guide: Announcement coming soon!

Saint Michael's Lent is 40 days of prayer, asceticism, and fraternity leading up to the Feast of Saint Michael the Archangel. These forty days of prayer and penance imitate the practice of St. Francis of Assisi, preparing for the feast of the Archangel Michael as we discover the deep realities of the spiritual battle and learn how to respond.

🟡 Autumn

Date: Sept 29-December 2

Scripture: Announcement coming soon!

Spiritual Guide: Announcement coming soon!

Next fall, take up the Holy Sword and lead your brothers to deeper freedom! As we read the first book of Maccabees, we learn about leading and accompanying others in faith.

🟣 Advent & Christmas

Date: December 1 - January 19

Scripture: Announcement coming soon!

Spiritual Guide: Announcement coming soon!

Following the liturgical calendar, we will read the first reading of the Mass during Advent. This season will help us prepare for Christ's twofold coming, recalling and celebrating his nativity in the flesh on Christmas and awaiting his second coming in the parousia at the end of time. During the Season of Advent, we will grow in the theological virtue of hope as we journey to Bethlehem with Joseph and Mary.

🟠 Exodus 90

Date: January 20-April 19

Scripture: Exodus

Spiritual Guide: Announcement coming soon!

Exodus 90 always begins ninety days before Easter Sunday. It follows the story of the Israelites as they find freedom from Pharaoh. During this exercise, we will uncover who/what our modern Pharaohs are as we are introduced to uncommon freedom. Freedom from our vices and freedom to live a life for others.

Exodus 90 calls you to follow a disciplined regimen of prayer, self-denial, and Christian brotherhood for 90 days. Since 2015, it has helped 100,000+ men reclaim their freedom and prioritize the things that really matter.

🟣 Lent & Pre-Lent

Date: February 23-April 19

Scripture: Announcement coming soon!

Spiritual Guide: Announcement coming soon!

Become the renewal in the Church. The team at Exodus is reviving an ancient tradition of taking time before Lent to get ready for the intense penitential season. As we welcome you to Exodus, we will reflect on God's word, and we will whet our appetite for fasting. The season of Lent will be a time of intense prayer, asceticism, and fraternity ordered toward the joy of Easter.

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