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How Do I Add Personal Disciplines?
How Do I Add Personal Disciplines?

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Every seasonal exercise will have a list of ascetic practices. These disciplines are the bread and butter of the Exodus lifestyle. Sometimes you may feel called to add to the seasonal disciplines. To do this, you can add your own personal disciples.

Check out the disciplines of the Season of Advent and Exodus 90.

Adding Personal Disciplines

At the bottom of the page on the disciplines tab, you can add person disciplines. To do this:

  1. Go to the disciplines tab.

  2. Scroll past the seasonal disciplines and click "+add."

  3. Add a title.

  4. Mark if you are a new habit adding or abstaining from an old habit.

  5. Select the cadence of this new discipline.

  6. Click "save."

The Advantages of Habit Tracking

As you mark off your disciplines every day, the app will track your streak. It will display the number of days in a row that you have completed your discipline below the disciplines icon. This kind of habit tracking is helpful because:

  • It acts as a visual cue to remind you to complete the disciples.

  • It motivates you to make progress and build up your streaks.

  • It is simply satisfying to see the results.

As you check off the disciplines you complete each day, you will start to see your strengths and weaknesses. This can give you helpful insight into where you need to improve as you live a freer life.

Building a habit of virtue takes time—a whole lifetime. You may not see the fruits on day 1. But as time goes on, you will start to see a pattern emerge. Be sure to count these small wins as they happen.


When should I consider adding my own disciplines?

Short answer: you should add personal discipline whenever the Lord calls you to add personal discipline. At various times through the year, the reflection will instruct you to examine your Plan of Life, this is an ideal time to consider changing your personal disciplines.

How can I get an image to appear?

The first character of the title will populate as the icon of each discipline. Rather than naming your disciple "Drink 64 oz" name it "💧Drink 64 oz" for a more aesthetic ascetism.

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