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What is the Community Tab and How Should I Use It?
What is the Community Tab and How Should I Use It?

🗺️ Connect with other Exodus men in your geographical community.

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The community tab allows Exodus men to synchronize their efforts as they journey together toward uncommon freedom. It is a great way to find a fraternity and a great tool for your fraternity after you get started. An Exodus Community is a local collection of fraternities (small groups). Larger parishes, cities, or counties can start these communities where men will be able to connect.

The Basics

  1. The communities feature can be found in the bottom right-hand corner of the Exodus app.

  2. To use this feature, you will need to share your location when the app prompts you.

  3. The app will display lists of Exodus communities within 10 and within 25 miles of your location. If there is not already a community near you, you may need to start a community so that other men can join you.

How to add men and create communities

To create a new community:

  1. Go to the community tab.

  2. Tap the top bar.

  3. In the pop-up menu that appears, click "Create new community"

To add men to a community:

  1. Go to the community tab.

  2. Locate the directory in your community, and tap "+invite."

  3. Allow the app to access your contacts.

  4. Click "Add" by your friends' names to add them to your community.

  5. NOTE: if you scroll to the bottom of the invite page, you can also copy or text join links and QR codes.

To join a different community:

  1. Go to the community tab.

  2. Tap the top bar.

  3. Select "Browse local communities."

  4. Tap "join" on the community you would like to join.

We encourage the creation of new communities. They are meant to be concentric circles of geographical alignment, some at the diocesan level, some at the parish level, and others at the neighborhood or parts of the city level.

Navigating communities

The community tab has two tools now with more coming soon!

Fireside Chat

This tool functions as a group chat for all the men in your local community. This is a place to offer encouragement, meet new fraternities, organize celebrations and service projects, etc.


This is the list of all of the brothers in your community. Next to certain men, there will be badges that show the respective roles that various men play in their community (Community Leader, Fraternity Leader, Clergy).

Community Creators

As the creator of a Community, you have Community Leader permission. It will be your responsibility to be a good steward of men in your area. You should help connect and welcome new men, help form fraternities, and support community events. It will also be your role to act as the moderator in your community.

You can also appoint other Community Leaders. You don't have to go at it alone.


Can I join multiple communities?

Yes! You can be a part of multiple communities simultaneously. You can navigate between communities using the top bar on the community tab.

If I join on a free trial, will I be kicked out of my community?

If you join a community on a free trial and the trial ends, you will not be dropped from the community. Only deleting your account will remove you from a fraternity.

How do I get a clergy badge?

These badges aren’t automatically granted. If you are a priest and would like the Clergy badge next to your name in a community, reach out to us at [email protected], and we can take care of that for you quickly.

What is the difference between a Fraternity and a Community?

A "community" is a group of groups. It is Exodus Men who are connected geographically. Communities can include dozens of men and are meant to be much larger and broader than fraternities. Communities are public.

A "Fraternity" is the small group you meet with on a week-to-week basis and share your exodus experience with. Fraternities are private.

Have more questions about Communities?

Contact us at [email protected]

or click the black button in the lower right corner.

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