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How Can I Verify an International Phone Number?
How Can I Verify an International Phone Number?

πŸ“± Need help verifying your international phone number? We have a solution!

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The Exodus support team can assign you a fake phone number if your actual phone number does not work. At this time, we are not able to verify international phone numbers on the Exodus app. To be assigned a fake number, please reach out to our support staff ([email protected]) with the following prompt:

Dear Exodus Support Team,

My name is _____. The email address associated with my Exodus account is _______.

I have verified the email on my account, but I am unable to verify my international phone number. Can you please assign me a fake phone number so that I can use all the features on the Exodus app?

Once our team has your name and email address, they will be able to finish setting up your account!

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