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For translation of the 2024 Exodus 90 texts, visit global.exodus90.com. This is your one-stop shop for our internationalization efforts πŸ₯³

The following languages are currently available:


Have the Seasonal Exercises been translated?

At this time, only Exodus 90 has been translated.

Does it cost money?

Yes, each translation has a localized cost.

Will the readings be available on the Exodus app?

The translated readings will only be available on global.exodus90.com. The app will only have the english originals.

If I have a subscription to the Exodus app, can I access the translations?

If you are already an Exodus customer in English, but you would like to use one of the translated texts, you do not need to pay for Exodus Global. Please reach out to our support team at [email protected] for a code that will allow you to access the translation.

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