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Can I Do Exodus Exercises Alone?
Can I Do Exodus Exercises Alone?

No, Exodus is as an exercise in fraternity as much as it is in asceticism or prayer.

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Fraternity is one of the most obvious, and yet overlooked, aspects of the Christian life today. When we challenge each other to do what is good and hold each other accountable to doing it, great fruits consistently come about. Great fruits, not just for us, but for our entire community. On the other hand, when we isolate ourselves and are held accountable to no one, our lives become a self-serving mess and our community suffers. 

A man living out the ascetic disciplines of Exodus 90 without living the disciplines for prayer and fraternity would be doing something, but he would not be doing Exodus 90. Exodus 90 is equally an exercise in prayer as it is in asceticism, and in asceticism as it is in fraternity. Just as we need all three to live out the Christian life, so to we need all three to take up Exodus 90

During Exodus 90 you will practice fraternity with 5-7 other men in your area. This is not a warm and cuddly, “I’m ok, you’re ok, so we’re all ok” type of fraternity. This is an authentic, “the time is now,” knees on the marble, type of fraternity. A fraternity where men step out of there comfort zone and into the light. A fraternity where accountability brings forth authentic masculinity. 

I need help finding men to join me.

Where will you find men to make this journey with you? You are the protagonist. You will ask God where to find your brothers, and then you will go and intentionally ask them. In your church, your workplace, your club, your family, or your favorite bar, wherever the Lord is calling you to find your brothers, go there and make the invitation. 

As a fraternity you will meet every week for a fraternity meeting. These meetings usually take an hour but can be done in as little as thirty minutes with the “Weekly Meeting Guide.” In addition, you will pair up with one man in your fraternity. That man is your anchor and you are his. Every day you will check in with each other with a text, a call, or in person. Like an anchor in rock climbing and mountaineering, you should be a strong and reliable anchor for your brother. If he starts to fall, you need to be ready to hold his weight, lest you both hit the ground. 

The Christian life is not easy. You need brothers and they need you.

"Where one alone may be overcome, two together can resist. A three-ply cord is not easily broken."

-Ecclesiastes 4:12

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