Fraternity is one of the three pillars of Exodus 90 and, thus, an essential part to the spiritual exercise. Though we can not connect you with other men, we are here to help. 

Take some time in prayer to ask Christ about the men in your life that he is calling you to invite on this journey. Think of men from work, church, school, or elsewhere in your community. Consider talking with your priest or men of your church and see if they might have any suggestions or know of any fraternities in the area that are forming. If the Lord is calling you to do Exodus 90, he will provide the men to do it with. That doesn't mean you can be passive though. Ask the Lord whom he is calling you to personally invite. 

Missed the start date and don't have brothers yet? No worries. The good news is you can start the Exodus 90 Spiritual Exercise at any time. Once you find your brothers, adjust your start date and get underway together. 

Should I just do it alone then? This spiritual exercise is about practicing the Christian life: prayer, asceticism, and fraternity in a tangible way. Without fraternity it just becomes daily readings and reflections and no longer a real practice in the fuller Christian life which is, by nature, fraternal. 

We believe in this exercise and the graces it has continued to bring to those who take it up in it's fullness: prayer, asceticism, and fraternity. When inviting others to join you in this exercise, it doesn't matter if you know the men you invite really well or not at all, the gift of fraternity continues to be a pillar of the Christian life and this exercise that God uses to bring greater freedom to his men. We want the same for you. 

Have courage, make the personal invitations. 

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