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What Are the Lent & Pre-Lent Exercises?
What Are the Lent & Pre-Lent Exercises?

Christ calls us to live an uncommon freedom so that we might become who we truly are

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If this is your first experience of Exodus, welcome! If it's been a while since your last Exodus spiritual exercise, welcome back.

This article is about our Lent and Pre-Lent exercises. If you would like to know more about Exodus, we have an article on that topic.

What are Exodus's Lent & Pre-Lent Exercises?

Dates: January 22-February 13 and February 14-March 30

Scripture: Genesis & Joshua

Spiritual Guide: Fr. Boniface Hicks, OSB

Our Lenten and Pre-Lenten programs are spiritual exercises for men based on Christ's roadmap to freedom: prayer, asceticism, and fraternity. They are deeply rooted in the traditions of the early Church. Following the Exodus lifestyle, a fraternity of 6-8 men commits to a set structure of prayer and ascetic disciplines. These men are led by daily readings from the books of Genesis leading up to Lent and Joshua during the Lenten Season. These are paired with daily reflections to keep them on the road to freedom.

Our Pre-Lent exercise is an introduction to the Exodus lifestyle. We will walk through the early covenants God made with man as we learn who we are. Once we know our identity in God's Plan, we will be ready to become the renewal in the Church. The Lenten program will walk through the Book of Joshua, where we will see a renewal in the Promised Land and the purging of evil ways. This exercise will give you the tools to become the renewal that the Chuch so desperately needs.

This spiritual exercise not only promises men greater freedom but delivers it. Over 99% of men who have gone through Exodus 90 say they have experienced greater freedom because of it.

The team at Exodus has purposefully crafted spiritual exercises that coincide with the liturgical calendar and help men live uncommon freedom throughout the year. Learn more about the Seasonal Exercises.

A man should start Exodus because the Lord is calling him to uncommon freedom.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Protestants do Lent & Pre-Lent?

Yes. These are spiritual exercises for men based on prayer, asceticism, and fraternity and rooted in the traditions of the early Church. All men are welcome. More and more protestant, evangelical, and other non-Catholic, Christian participants continue to find the spiritual exercise to be very fruitful for their freedom and relationship with Christ every year.

Is this an addiction or recovery program?

Exodus is not an addiction or recovery program. It is a lifestyle that orients us toward the uncommon freedom that the Lord gives us when we become who we truly are. Exodus is an opportunity to conform one's whole life to that of Christ and become the renewal in the Church. This will inevitably bring forth abundant graces and greater freedom.

The Lord can do anything: he has used Exodus to bring forth the grace of complete freedom to men who have been struggling with addictions for decades. Exodus helps dispose us to accept the grace and freedom God wants to give us.

We highly recommend that those struggling with an addiction get the help they need from a licensed therapist. Check out

Why does Exodus cost money?

Great question! We have a helpful article on this topic: Why does Exodus cost money?

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