What Is Easter 50?

Christ calls us to live an uncommon freedom so that we might become who we truly are

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If this is your first experience of Exodus, welcome! If it's been a while since your last Exodus spiritual exercise, welcome back.

This article is about our Easter exercises. If you would like to know more about Exodus, we have an article on that topic.

What Is the Easter 50 Exercise?

Date: March 31-May 31

Scripture: The Letters of Peter through Pentecost & key Marian Scriptures from Feast of Our Lady Mother of the Church to the end of May.

Spiritual Guide: Jake Khym

Following the rigorous fasting of Exodus 90, we move into a season of rigorous feasting. In the Easter season, Jesus offers us the Holy Spirit to teach us how to live out his freedom, inspired from within and equipped to serve. The Cross offers freedom, and the empty tomb calls us to live a life free from the bondage of death. Jesus’s Resurrection changes everything, making us into new men, alive with his own divine Spirit.

During Easter 50, we will read First and Second Peter, and we will explore the Gifts and Fruits of the Holy Spirit and how they can guide our lives as Christian men. We will focus on building a personal Plan of Life that focuses on areas where we need to maintain or continue to grow. To aid us in this, Jake Khym will be our spiritual guide, helping us to adjust to life after Exodus 90.

We will continue the series Teach Me to Pray, a story about Fr. Benedict, Rob, and his fraternity. The story will continue to help men discern and build their plans of life for the Easter Season and beyond. This is an opportunity to learn how to prayerfully discern what personal disciplines you should take up in the Easter season to help you keep making forward progress.

We will be hosting Dr. Jason Baxter, a professor from Wyoming Catholic College, for a 4-part series of lectures on Dante's Divine Comedy, followed by another 4-part series of lectures given by Marty O'Donnell—composer of the music from the Halo video game franchise and recent convert—about his conversation and sacred music.

During this celebratory season, we will also be sharing our own stories of freedom, continuing to provide weekly meeting guides, preparing for a Marian consecration (starting April 28), and providing reflections on Festivity to help you enter into the joy of the Resurrection.

The team at Exodus has purposefully crafted spiritual exercises that coincide with the liturgical calendar and help men live uncommon freedom throughout the year. Learn more about the Seasonal Exercises.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this relate to Exodus 90?

The team at Exodus has purposefully crafted spiritual exercises that coincide with the liturgical calendar and help men live uncommon freedom throughout the year. Exodus 90 is our exercise that starts 90 days before Easter each year. Learn more about the Seasonal Exercises.

Can Protestants do Lent & Pre-Lent?

Yes. These are spiritual exercises for men based on prayer, asceticism, and fraternity and rooted in the traditions of the early Church. All men are welcome. More and more protestant, evangelical, and other non-Catholic, Christian participants continue to find the spiritual exercise to be very fruitful for their freedom and relationship with Christ every year.

Is this an addiction or recovery program?

Exodus is not an addiction or recovery program. It is a lifestyle that orients us toward the uncommon freedom that the Lord gives us when we become who we truly are. Exodus is an opportunity to conform one's whole life to that of Christ and become the renewal in the Church. This will inevitably bring forth abundant graces and greater freedom.

The Lord can do anything: he has used Exodus to bring forth the grace of complete freedom to men who have been struggling with addictions for decades. Exodus helps dispose us to accept the grace and freedom God wants to give us.

We highly recommend that those struggling with an addiction get the help they need from a licensed therapist. Check out CatholicTherapists.com.

Why does Exodus cost money?

Great question! We have a helpful article on this topic: Why does Exodus cost money?

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