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What is Exodus?

Exodus is a Freedom Brand

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This article is about Exodus. If you would like to know more about our Easter 50 exercise, we have an article on that topic.

What is Exodus?

Short Answer: Exodus is a lifestyle for men rooted in prayer, asceticism, and fraternity. We exist to help men be uncommonly free.

Our team walks with our men toward the limitless freedom that we receive from our relationship with the Father. This freedom is a breaking away from the things of this world and, in turn, a radical encounter with the Father. Here, we discover our sonship and our identity.

The Exodus Promise: I become who I am.

Exodus is a space to learn about the deep interior of who God has made men to be. It is about making space for God to do his work. Exodus Men become rooted in their identity as sons of the heavenly Father, able and ready to stand up against the pharaohs of their life. This is a lifestyle of continually dying to self and living freely for others alongside your brothers. Becoming who we truly are is being faithful to the divinization Jesus has in mind for us.

In the Exodus lifestyle, a fraternity of 6-8 men commits to a set structure of prayer and ascetic disciplines. These men are led by daily readings from the Scriptures, paired with daily reflections, to keep them on the road to freedom.

What we are doing is nothing new in the Church. We are reviving a traditional culture of fasting and feasting as we read the scriptures and pray about what we have read. We are helping men form authentic communities. At Exodus, we are committed to becoming who we are—uncommonly free sons of the heavenly Father.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Protestants join Exodus?

Yes. Exodus is a spiritual exercise for men based on prayer asceticism, and fraternity and rooted in the traditions of the early Church. All men are welcome. More and more protestant, evangelical, and other non-Catholic, Christian participants continue to find the spiritual exercise to be very fruitful for their freedom and relationship with Christ every year.

Is Exodus an addiction or recovery program?

Exodus is not an addiction or recovery program. It is a lifestyle that orients us toward the uncommon freedom that the Lord gives us when we become who we truly are. Exodus is an opportunity to conform one's whole life to that of Christ. This will inevitably bring forth abundant graces and greater freedom.

The Lord can do anything: he has used Exodus to bring forth the grace of complete freedom to men who have been struggling with addictions for decades. Exodus helps dispose us to the grace and freedom God wants to give us.

We highly recommend that those struggling with an addiction get the help they need from a licensed therapist. Check out

Why does Exodus cost money?

Great question! We have a helpful article on this topic: Why does Exodus cost money?

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